Green Literature : Hindi and Malayalam

Green Literature : Hindi and Malayalam

sponsored by
AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL)

organized by

Department of Hindi,
Cochin University of Science and Technology

22 - 26, November, 2021

About this FDP

This unique FDP concentrates on Green Literature/Eco Literature in Hindi and Malayalam and will make in-depth inquiry in to the various literary, philosophical aspects of Green Literature. The particular program has its own important relevance in the present scenario, because it aims to address major concerns of the world. It will expound the new relationship with nature all around. The program will open up the various other similar aspects of the topic and gear the new academic discussions in future and disclose the socio-cultural relations of the society. This program as the Departments of Hindi hopes, will disseminate new literary imaginative insights and that could reframe the society in a positive manner. The program will adopt inter-multi disciplinary approaches and to boost the academic culture by adopting new tools/concepts transgressing the boundaries of academic

Features of the FDP

The course contains thematic/philosophical ingredients of the Green Literature/eco literature. Historically, Globalization is an extension of the imperialism and in other terms it is an aftermath of the in-human face of capital mode of development. The profit making motive, the growth of the private capital, market oriented economy, hyper-industrialization, exploitation of the natural resources are the natural mimesis of proliferation of the globalization. In the growth of the capital, the human beings have lost the considerations over human and placental relationships with the surroundings. This course concentrates on philosophical dimensions of Green Literature/Eco Literature. The course will make in-depth study of various literary, philosophical debates on Green Literature of Hindi and Malayalam.

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